Focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex. You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.

Steve Jobs, 1988

The Story Behind


Engineers and entrepreneurs are always on the go. Honestly, clothing is the last thing they want to think about. People need shirts they can grab and wear all day, looking professional and staying durable. But most options fall short—they’re either uncomfortable, don't fit well, wear out quickly, or are overpriced. And those white tees that get ruined by a couple of coffee drops? Only good for pajamas or the trash.

Why can’t anyone make clothes that require zero thought?

building textale


As former tech pros, we decided to create what we needed.

We started the TexTale journey in a tiny office. Every member of our team (and our dog, Max) was involved in every step, from design to production. We handpicked fabrics, tested fits, and deeply engaged in the manufacturing process to ensure every product met the highest quality standards. We believe focus and simplicity create the best products.



Our first product, the _FRESH Stain-Repel Tee, was a user-driven innovation full of insights. It keeps you looking clean and sharp without any hassle. Upon launch, it was a hit, praised for its unique practicality, top-notch quality, and reasonable price.

Giving Back


We believe in giving back to the community. In 2023, we teamed up with local charities and donated 10,000 of our products to those who needed them most.

What's next


We’ve teamed up with top fabric tech companies in Japan and Taiwan for exclusive collaborations. This means we’re bringing even more cool products your way.

As we take our brand global, we’re excited to say this is just the beginning.