Commitment to Nature


Running a normal business is not good enough

Fast fashion has become the dominant model for our industry, with materials and a supply chain that put profits before people and the planet. When we founded TexTale, we committed to a higher standard because enjoying the outdoors today shouldn't prevent future generations from doing the same.

Mindful Materials

We carefully consider every element that goes into our products for durability, environmental impact, and comfort. When existing options don't meet our high standards, we will innovate and develop our own.

Circular Design

More than 11.3 million tons of textile are thrown away in the United States every year as a result of disposable design and cheap materials. Our products are planned for a full lifecycle, carefully crafted pieces that are not only long-lasting but also recyclable so nothing goes to waste.

Green Manufacturing

We set a goal to manufacture our products in a method that minimizes waste and reduces the environmental impact. Numerous innovations have been integrated in the production process to transform the raw materials to a performance apparel with high resource efficiency and low environmental impact. We strive to protect resources for future generations by using renewable energy and recovering processed chemicals.